The farm of abundance


The farm of abundance

The cider, apple juice and knife apples are 100% organic.

La ferme de l'abondance is a farm just outside the small village of Vaux sur Lunain in the Bocage Gâtinais.

In Vaux-sur-Lunain, not far from Egreville, Charlotte and her husband Arnaud took over an entirely organic farm of about ten hectares in 2016, two thirds of which are devoted to cereals. An apple orchard occupies the last third.
Specific pruning, the use of plant-based insecticides and the choice of apple varieties suitable for organic farming, such as Melrose or Galinette: organic farming requires inventiveness.
But in terms of taste, the result is there. And selling in the short circuit helps to compensate for yields that are three times lower than with conventional methods. Most of Charlotte's apples are distributed through AMAPs. The farm also has a composting platform, which is supplied by the local waste disposal centres.
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Opening times

All year round, daily.