The castle and its moat


The castle and its moat

The castle moat, fed by the Fusin, already exists around an initial 14th century castle.

A drawbridge then allows access. They have the advantage of always being in water. It is also a water full of fish where the inhabitants come to fish.

In 1599 King Henri IV decided to erect the land of Beaumont in the county. It is Achille de Harlay (1536-1616), first President of the Parliament of Paris who will renovate the castle from 1604. The county remains in the hands of Harlay until 1711, date of the marriage of Madeleine de Harlay with Christian de Montmorency-Luxembourg, Prince de Tingry. The castle remained until the Revolution in the hands of this family, who built a large residence there.

Twice, in 1711 and 1787, the Montmorency-Luxembourg people celebrate a wedding at the castle. Thus, all the municipalities which depend on the seigneury are invited, tables are set in the avenues of the park, where the peasants are served for 7 days. The moats are illuminated for the occasion.

After the French Revolution, the castle was sold in 1798. While in 1804, it was partly demolished.

The castle has been listed as a historical monument since July 16, 1984.
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