The Madeleine Tower and its ramparts


The Madeleine Tower and its ramparts

The Madeleine Tower is one of the towers of the rampart that Charles VI authorized to the bourgeois of Château-Landon.

In spite of the looting, the fire and the passage of time, this one still shows appreciable vestiges; it serves in various places of support to constructions of a more recent past under which it disappears. It encloses the medieval administrative village, open, on the outside by four passages overlooking the 4 cardinal points. Only two remain: the North and the South. A round road lined it, quite rare, by a second underpass that went around the city.

Towers regularly reinforced the wall as the best preserved Madeleine tower today.

With a height of 9 metres and a diameter of 6.50 metres, this massive tower leaning against the ramparts communicates by its upper part with the circular path, visible on about 50 metres towards the East.

With its 3 metres thick base, it is built of stone block and flint embedded in the mortar, pierced by 3 loopholes at half height.

In 1926, the Madeleine Tower was listed as a Historic Monument.
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